Karma is diet for soul

There is a karmic board made up of several wise, enlightened beings who deeply understand the laws of the universe. These beings have developed and matured themselves to the point of being able to judge souls with compassion, fairness, and without personal bias. They oversee, modify, and stamp for approval every single person's prebirth or soul contract prior to their earthly conception. That's over six billion souls, not including the animal kingdom and every other living organism.

The karmic board is so called because it is our karma, positive and negative, that drives our lives forward, not our past lives. Our actions, what we did or did not do in our past lives, are what are important, not, that we had a past life. It is these past actions, and our soul's past actions on the ethereal plane, that determine our karma. Every challenge, opportunity, lesson, serendipity, and grace is based on our karma. Our entire prebirth or sacred contract is based on our karmic lessons and how best to use these lessons to train and prepare us to accomplish our greater purpose on earth. Everyone has a purpose. Everyone.

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